Time Management Skills

One of the reasons why time management training works is that it consists of learnable skills.

That’s why you CAN become a more productive and effective time manager and accomplish more in less time and with less stress.

While it’s important to understand time management principles, which tell you WHY certain practices, strategies and techniques work, that’s often not enough.

The reason is that even if you know what to do, you won’t automatically know how to do it.

Why Time Management Skills Matter

That’s the reason time management skills matter. They are the “how to” that you need in order to follow the principles and use the practices to get things done.

That’s why time management skills matter and are important.

3 Tips for Improving Your Time Management Skills

Here are 3 simple tips to help you improve your time management skills:

1) Your time management skills won’t improve by accident

The truth is that if you truly want to be more productive, if you truly want to make better use of your time and have better time management skills it’s entirely up to you to make it happen.

If you want things to get better, then YOU have to get better first. I have a feeling that you already knew that, but it’s good to hear it again from time to time.

If you are serious about improving your time management skills, the good news is there are MANY resources that can help you do that.

You don’t have to rely on luck; you can CHOOSE to master this important area. All it takes is the commitment to do so, because ANYONE can learn time management skills and become much more productive.

But you have to start by making a conscious decision to do so, because it won’t happen by accident.

One of the best ways to prove to yourself that you are truly serious and committed about something is to “put your money where your mouth is.” When you invest in yourself and put real money on the line, for example by signing up for a time management training course or by hiring a productivity coach, you are much more likely to follow through and take action. I’m sure you’ve had that experience in many areas of your life before. It’s just human nature.

Investing in yourself this way, whether to improve your time management skills, becoming more productive, or to develop any other important skill or area of your life, is one of the most valuable investments you will ever make.

2) Continuous improvement using small steps

Learning new time management skills and changing your established habits and behaviors takes time. It’s not something that you can do overnight.

One of the best ways to make changes that last is to focus on learning and developing a few KEY skills and habits at a time. That way, you give yourself plenty of time to truly develop and master those skills and habits, and to incorporate them into your work routines.

That’s why a continuous improvement approach using small steps tends to produce much better results than trying to change everything overnight. So keep that in mind as you go forward.

3) The right tools can make a BIG difference

Having the right tool for the job can make a HUGE difference in your results and determine how well and how fast you learn new time management skills.

The right tools can make your time management system work SO MUCH BETTER… and make your life so much easier in the process. If you don’t believe me, try unscrewing a screw using a hammer and you’ll see what a difference a tool can make!

Types of Time Management Skills

Time management skills fall into the following types or categories:

  • Capture skills – Capture skills help you write things down (get them out of your head) and store them in a planner or organizer
  • Organize skills – Organization helps you create order and structure to make your work faster, easier and more effective
  • Prioritize skills – Prioritizing skills help you decide what’s important and what’s not important so you can spend your time on the things that matter most
  • Plan skills – Planning is about deciding what you are going to do and when you are going to do it in order to be more productive
  • Doing skills – This is about taking action, getting things done and being more focused, relaxed and productive while you work while handling interruptions and distractions effectively

When you integrate these skills into a productivity system, you can see dramatic improvements in your productivity and ability to get things done.

Here are some more time management tips that you may find helpful.