Time Management Coaching

I’m delighted that you are interested in time management coaching.

We work with managers, executives and corporate professionals (executive coaching) as well as entrepreneurs, business owners and self-employed professionals (business coaching) who are ready to get organized, take control of their time, become much more productive and really get things done.

If that’s you, then working with a time management coach may be a great option for you, take a look at the coaching packages below and pick one that feels like a good fit.

No Obligation “Productivity Breakthrough” Consultation

If you are not sure which coaching package is the best fit for you, you’re not sure if coaching is right for you, or you have questions about the coaching process, please apply for a  complimentary, no obligation 20-minute “productivity breakthrough” consultation. Just sign up for the interest list below and we’ll send you further instructions via email when we have an opening.

During this initial consultation you’ll…

  • Get a clear vision for the kind of career, work and lifestyle you want to have
  • Discover what may be holding you back from taking control of your time and being more productive
  • Uncover common traps and challenges that may be leading you to work way more hours than you need to
  • Get clear on what you most want to accomplish and your next step to move forward
  • Leave the session feeling re-energized about your work and getting more done in less time and with less stress

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More About Time Management Coaching

Time management coaching is focused one-on-one or group coaching (in small groups) based on the client’s top objectives, goals, challenges and needs.

In general, time management coaching follows a standard coaching process that is customized and tailored based on each individual client’s needs.

Time Management Coaching Process

The coaching process begins by clarifying the client’s goals and desired outcomes, and specifically what they want to get out of the coaching relationship. This may involve using specific questionnaires and assessments, asking clarifying questions and helping the client discover what they really want. The result of this initial phase includes developing more specific goals, clarifying values and identifying top priorities.

An important principle in time management coaching is that clients are ultimately responsible for their behavior, their actions and ultimately their results. The coach may support, guide and encourage the client, but doesn’t “do the work” for them.

The next step in the process is to help clients develop strategies and action plans to achieve the specific goals and outcomes the client has identified as most important.

After developing a solid plan together, the role of the coach is to provide support and guidance while the client is taking the actions necessary to execute plans and realize their goals.

Time management coaching provides additional motivation, accountability, and support that helps clients take action and perform at their best.

Coaches also help clients develop and learn new skills, get feedback from their actions and find new strategies as needed.